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Increase Conversions By Understanding Your Users

Understanding customers behavior to max level by tracking events that Google Analytics cannot track by default.
Convert events into goals, to measure your websites user experience.

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Google Tag Manager Key Concepts

Learn more about how Google Tag Manger works and how your website can benefit from using it.

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Chose on tag from the following: All external link clicks, All PDF Clicks, All YouTube Views. We will set one tag of your choise up so you can see the power of Google Tag Manager.

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Example Events Using Google Tag Manger

Below are just some of the possibilities of the events you can setup through Google Tag Manager. Imagine being able to track your users more effectively! With this data your marketing and website can improve long term.

Form Submits

External Link Clicks

Shopping Cart Interactions

Social Clicks

Email Clicks

Slider Interactions

Document Downloads

Podcast & Music Interactions

Pop up interactions

Why You Should Start Using Google Tag Manage – GTM?

Ease of use

GTM enables team members to make updates and add new tags quickly and easily, without complex code changes to the site.

Future-proof your website

GTM makes future upgrades and enhancements much simpler, since modifications can be made through the interface and not on each page of your website

Debug features

GTM’s built-in debug features allow the team to test and debug each update on your site prior to publication, ensuring that your tags work properly before they are live.

Version control

A new, archived version is created every time you publish a change through GTM, making it easy to rollback to a former version at any moment.

Users and permissions management

GTM makes it easy to set permissions for individual users and control internally who has the ability to make changes to the website and assist with creating tags, macros, and rules.

Built-in tags

GTM comes with a number of important built-in tags for classic and Universal Analytics, AdWords conversions, remarketing, and more

Functions with Google Analytics

Speaking of built-in tags, GTM also allows you to install a basic implementation of Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager.

Event tracking

Traditionally, event tracking involved adding code to the website to track visitor events like clicks, video engagement, and form submissions.

Two Core Phases – Google Tag Manager Set-up

Events and Goals Mapping

Events and Goals are first identified and mapped on a spreadsheet throughout the website. A well detailed spreadsheet will be provided, this includes the Name of Events, Labels, Type of Tracking and etc. A good way to double check if all events and goals are tracked.

Tag Implementation

From the spreadsheet with events and goals mapped, Tag Flairs’ specialist will implement it on the website. It will include simple and sophisticated tracking set-up, which our tag manager specialists does for you.

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Google Tag Manager

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