Looking for dental clinics around Gawler that will help you achieve a bright white smile?

If yes, you are now close to your goal. Here, we will talk about methods that are clinically approved for teeth whitening. Of course, there will be at least one or two that will suit your preferences and medical background.

Teeth whitening treatments are now highly in demand. They tend to be so popular that dental clinics sprout anywhere and there is relatively strong competition among them. Some of them offer cheap deals to gather lots of customers without sacrificing the quality of their services. Some, on the other hand, offer specific services that come with hefty prices and are exclusively for VIPs.

Either way, whether you go into expensive or affordable clinics, it is very important to choose the right way to whiten your teeth. 

Professional teeth whitening or bleaching in the Dental Office

This method can be expensive but the result is superb. The procedure is done by professionals in the dental office by putting highly concentrated whitening gel around your teeth. This gel contains a high level of hydrogen peroxide that only professionals are permitted to use. But first, get a check-up with a dentist to make sure you can proceed with the treatment.

Using over-the-counter teeth whitening products

Examples of these products are whitening kinds of toothpaste, mouth rinses, gels, and strips that are recommended by experts for safe use. However, these products have their limitations. They could only whiten teeth at certain levels.

KöR Whitening

This method is known to be the most effective in-office treatment among others. This is also backed up with research conducted by Dr. Rod Kurthy. The treatment includes deep bleaching by using bleaching gels, custom whitening trays, and a numbing agent.

Check on these clinics around Gawler and get your flashy smile, soon!

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