Honey mead is an exceptional drink that may come in wide-ranging flavors. So, the taste pretty much depends on the type of honey used, added ingredients, and how the mead is treated. The taste also varies for everyone. Your best bet is to check on the appearance, aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel.


The appearance provides information on the look of the honey mead whether it is cloudy, clear, or brilliant. The color may vary depending on the honey content and even added ingredients.


The aroma can tell you what’s the mead made of such as wildflower, orange blossoms, fruits, and other herbs. The aroma may include floral fragrance. This can help you pinpoint honey source, fruitiness, and spiciness. There can also be some aromatics indicative of alcohol, sulfur, and yeast because of the fermentation.


The flavor is not so different from the aroma. But those tasting mead for the first time usually expects the taste to be sweet. This is not always the case, though, because the mead may also taste dry. It can be fruity if it is a “melomel.” It can also be spicy if it is a metheglin. Sometimes you cannot get a taste of the yeast and fermentation when this is overpowered by the fresh fruity flavors.


The mouthfeel provides information about the body, texture, and balance of the mead in your mouth.

Honey Wine Australia passes these four tests. Their mead beverages contain alcohol ranging from 12% to 14%. This gives a smooth taste in your tongue, not harsh or hot, and does not taste solvent. There’s also a sweet aftertaste that lingers in your mouth. For the mouthfeel, there’s a good balance between the physical and chemical sensations that you can feel while drinking. The acidity is just well within the normal range. Plus, no artificial flavors.

Overall, honey meads from Honey Wine Australia carry with them brilliance of aroma and flavor that is consistent with every description of their products.