Example Events Using Google Tag Manger

Form Submits

External Link Clicks

Shopping Cart Interactions

Social Clicks

Email Clicks

Slider Interactions

Document Downloads

Podcast & Music Interactions

Pop up interactions

This is just a small example of what you can do and the events you can track with Google Tag Manager. We will audit your site to ensure we track everything with detail so you can get the most out of the event reports in Google Analytics. Once the events are setup you can also set them as goals.

Event tracking and google analytics

Events and Goals Mapping

Events and Goals are first identified and mapped on a spreadsheet throughout the website. A well detailed spreadsheet will be provided, this includes the Name of Events, Labels, Type of Tracking and etc. A good way to double check if all events and goals are tracked.

Tag Implementation

From the spreadsheet with events and goals mapped, Tag Flairs’ specialist will implement it on the website. It will include simple and sophisticated tracking set-up, which our tag manager specialists does for you.

Let Us Setup One Event For Free!

Link click trackingLet us setup the event ‘All Outbound Link Clicks’ as a sample

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