How Our Solution Works


1. We create a Google Tag Manager container


2. You/We add the Google Tag Manager code to your site


3. We Debug And Check Seup


4. We map your events and goals


5. We create the events and goals

6. You now get event data in Google Analytics!

Basically there would be  two major steps when implementing tags on your website using Google Tag Manager: Events and Goal Mapping and Tags Implementation.

Events and Goal Mapping

All events, clicks, form submit, youtube views etc will be mapped. A detailed spreadsheet will be provided before tag implementation will commence. In addition, you can list down events that you want to trackon your site. Any event can be converted into goals; may it micro or macro.

Tags Implementation

Once your happy with the events and mapping we can start setting up the events in Google Tag Manager. We will test and debug all tags before publishing live. Once the tags are pushed live you will start to see event data in Google Analytics.

Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager works with Google Analytics with ease. You can either fire your Google Analytics tag though Google Tag Manager (recommended), or you can leave your current Google Analytics Tag on the site. This is 100% your choice. Please not some setting require Google Analytics to be fired through Google Tag Manager

Example Tag Setup

Tagging Events – Implementation
taggingThe set-up may vary from one website to another, factors include: number of events to track, type of events to track, and complexity of the events. Events may vary from one another, e.g. tracking Facebook Like is much simpler and less time consuming that tracking Form inputs and submission.

All Tags mapped on the spreadsheet will be created or implemented on Google Tag Manager account/container. All will be done manually by our experts.

Post-Tag Implementation
All tags will need to verified before putting it to publishing. A thorough check will be done for all the events that are being tagged. We will ensure that not only tags implemented but are verified and working. We would love to hear from you in case one of the tags are not working/firing and will surely provide you assistance to fix it.

TagFlair made the setup of my events and goals easy and accurate. Now we can track our bookings online and user interactions on the site with more depth.

Jan Slavick

Owner, PureSmile

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