Things You May Want to Know about Google Tag Manager

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Some information you may want to consider reading about Google Tag Manager. These are small chunks of information we have put together  to facilitate education about Google Tag Manager. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about the information below.

How to Install GTM

We will walk you through on How to install Google Tag Manager on your website and start creating tags needed to better understand user behavior.

Benefits of GTM

Aside from seamless integration to Google Analytics, there are still a lot of things that Google Tag Manager has to offer. Dig in and enjoy the things that may benefit your marketing campaign through Google Tag Manager.

Tracking Events

Regardless of what type of business niche are you in, events like form submissions, video views, facebook shares, etc., are undeniable generic. Here we will tackle cool website events that you can track using Google Tag Manager.

Events Mapping

Events before implemented or tagged in Google Tag Manager are mapped first in a spreadsheet. Basically this will help us guiding our way on which events are being tracked and which are not.